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The Modular Solution

Commercial modular construction is quickly becoming a preferred construction delivery method due to its inherent “green” construction methods, design flexibility, speed of delivery, quality of construction, and its ability to shorten the construction cycle and help control costs. The management team at Wesbuilt Modular, LLC has over 35 years of construction industry experience, with over 25 years dedicated to modular construction.  This unique combination of industry experience enables us to offer our clients whatever level of modular services they require for their project, from pre-planning or building systems consulting to a complete turnkey project. 

Total Integrated Modular Solutions


Total Integrated Modular Solutions

Wesbuilt Modular, LLC is a specialized modular general contractor that serves the multi-family, niche single family, commercial, hospitality and healthcare markets throughout New York, New Jersey, and New England. Wesbuilt Modular is a single source for owners, developers and investors for their complete development and commercial modular construction needs.


•Wesbuilt Modular does not manufacture the modules but has close working relationships with a number of modular factories.

•After initial project review, we will determine the factory best suited for your project based on the project size, cost and schedule criteria.

•We offer total integrated modular project management  and development services from concept to occupancy. This includes site analysis, approvals and permitting, design services, general contracting and construction management services.

Total Integrated Modular Solutions
Why Modular


  • Shorter build cycle.

  • Greater budget certainty.

  • Cost savings.

  • On time completion, limited labor and subcontractor delays.

  • Quicker Return on Investment.

  • Reduced weather delays.

  • Less pollution, noise and waste.

  • Superior quality with multiple inspections and approvals.

  • Reduces exposure to unsafe work conditions and OSHA hazards.

  • Less neighborhood noise, disruption and congestion.

  • Improved site security with reduced risk of theft and vandalism.

  • Limited weather exposure reduces long-term associated risk (e.g. mold).

  • Minimal change orders and corresponding cost over runs.

Modular General Contractor
Why Modular
Traditional vs Modular Construction


Modular construction can reduce the traditional site-built construction schedule by up to 50% through the use of simultaneous construction.

While the sitework is being completed and the foundation installed, the building is being constructed in the factory.

The result is a significant time savings, which translates to cost savings for the developers.

Modular construction schedule versus site-built construction schedule
Traditional vs Modular

Prefabrication and modular construction processes have been used for years, but today, with the emergence of new technologies and construction practices, we have the ability to utilize these strategies to create innovative and quality buildings, while also improving construction productivity,” said Harvey Bernstein, Vice President of Industry Insights and Alliances at McGraw-Hill Construction. “These reported productivity benefits of prefabrication and modularization are particularly exciting in today’s economy given the benefits of creating superior buildings while saving cost, time and waste.”

Keys to a Successful Modular Project


According to the McGraw-Hill SmartMarket Report, Prefabrication and Modularization: Increasing Productivity in the Construction Industry, the number one reason for an unsuccessful project is the lack of a team member with modular experience.

Early decision to commit to modular construction.

Utilize architect

with modular design experience.

Complete project team buy in to the use of modular construction.

Key 5.png

Early adoption of modular design criteria.

Include an experienced modular general contractor.

Selecting the correct modular factory.

Key 1.png
Keys to Successful
Green Benefits of Modular


  • Streamlined, resource efficient construction process.

  • Less construction materials waste.

  • Less site and neighborhood environmental disturbance.

  • Inherently more energy efficient.

  • Easily and cost effectively incorporates green design concepts.

  • Energy star buildings.

  • Net zero designs.

  • Higher LEED credits.

  • Conducive to passive house designs.

Green Benefits
Set day for modular apartment building
Why Wesbuilt Modular


  • Twenty-five years of modular construction experience.

  • Established modular factory partnerships.

  • Network of experienced modular architects and consultants.

  • Subcontractors experienced in modular construction.

  • Strong technical support staff with BIM and VDC capabilities.

  • Project management and support staff specifically trained in modular construction practices and procedures.

  • Successful track record of delivering modular projects on time and on budget.

  • Extensive project acquisition, permitting and development experience.

  • Single source partner for all of your development and construction needs.

Why Wesbuilt
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