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August 1, 2021

Wesbuilt Construction Managers of New York acquired Commercial Modular Construction, LLC of Westford, MA to expand its business into the modular industry. Commercial Modular Construction, LLC specializes in providing construction and consulting services for permanent modular buildings that comprise nearly every kind of building and use group including hospitality, multi-family, the wholesale and build to rent segments of the single-family market for mixed use, niche and resort, and adult community projects for owners, developers, and investors.


Wesbuilt will now operate Commercial Modular Construction as a new modular division of Wesbuilt, Wesbuilt Modular, LLC. Commercial Modular owner and President, Kacy Caviston, will remain with the company as CEO and President of this new modular division. Caviston is a construction industry veteran with over twenty-five years of modular experience.

Modular Townhouse

Wesbuilt Modular will now expand its commercial modular construction services to the New York Metro area, New Jersey and Eastern New York, along with the New England states currently being served by Commercial Modular Construction, LLC. Wesbuilt Modular intends to continue being the leading provider of commercial modular construction services for hotels, dormitories, build to rent, affordable housing, apartments, townhouses, and other multi-family throughout this new expanded territory.

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